Alternative Fuels-Renewable Energy (AFRE) LLC

Alternative Fuels-Renewable Energy (AFRE) LLC is a Company located in Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA.

It is an R&D and a consultancy Company that specializes in conventional fossil fuels, alternative fuels and renewable energy technologies.


Environmental issues

The Espoo Petrochemical Refinery (EPR) will collaborate with the local community to make positive contribution to the community.

Environmental initiatives

The impact of EPR on the environment and community will be studied and investigated. The challenges will be given due action. EPR will address community concerns by periodically enabling independent consultants and the state university experts to conduct environment impact assessment studies.The findings would be published in reputable international journals of environmental pollution. The team will be empowered to set up codes and standards consistent with the State, National and International standards.



Alternative Fuels-Renewable Energy LLC is an Energy company that specializes in Research and development (R&D) of the conventional fossil and alternative fuels and renewable energy strategies.

It works on cleaner energy solutions based on new technologies that recycle exit gases from the power plants and exhaust plumes of refineries to reduce atmospheric pollution.... READ MORE



In Espoo Petrochemical Refinery’s (EPR’s) parlance, sustainability means developing and providing the needed...READ MORE


R&D units in partnership with the state university to conduct research in the fields of alternative fuels, solar...READ MORE

Energy R&D
cleaner fuels

AFRE LLC is committed to reducing atmospheric pollutants by using novel and advanced forms of renewable energy technologies.

  • Biofuels

  • Diversity​

  • Future fuels and technology R&D

  • Production of petrochemical products to meet the needs of the society

Espoo Petrochemical
Refinery Ltd​

Espoo Petrochemical Refinery Ltd is the first Refinery to be built in Akwa Ibom State (AKS) of Nigeria. AKS is the number one oil producer in the country. The Refinery is to be located in Esit Eket, a community that is about 8 km from the Atlantic Ocean coastal Ibeno town where EXXONMobil Nigeria Oil Exporting Terminal is located.

The initial production figure is 50k barrels/day. The next phase will double the output.